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Hunger Related Events™
#KickHunger ®

To address the needs of the hungry and homeless by raising awareness and money through special events and programs. 

Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a difference. Join us to raise funds, spread awareness and contribute to a truly important cause.

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Much more than just an event

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The Impact


Meals across America





Working since 1992, Hunger Related Events has been working hard with the help of our members and volunteers to face a big issue in our country, hunger. Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services, and we strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our Charity Events.


We see this way too often. Nearly 50 million Americans struggle with hunger, including 16,2 million children. Something unacceptable for one of the richest countries in the world.

Volunteers Packing Food

Everyone involved in Hunger Related Events is dedicated to the same goal: address the needs of hungry and homeless of the country. Our dedicated team includes community leaders involved in many different philanthropic efforts. They contribute their time, energy, passion, and talents to our numerous causes.

Volunteers Serving Food

When people help people, change happens.

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